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A Hockey Puck Goes To War

The life of a hockey pucks is usually a constant battle, full of torment, abuse, and turmoil. Yet there was one hockey puck that put up with more turmoil than most.   Here's the story of the brave little hockey puck that went to war.

Corporal Jerome Alabaster from Moose Jaw Saskatchewan owes his life to a hockey puck. When the Corporal, along with fellow soldiers of the Third Canadian Infantry division stormed ashore at Juno Beach during the 1944 Normandy Invasion, they encountered heavy gunfire from German defenders.  During the bloody battle which ensued, the Corporal's life was saved when a German bullet which was heading straight for his heart hit the hockey puck he was carrying in his jacket pocket and was deflected away.  The Canadians eventually overran Hitler's forces and the Corporal went on to receive the Distinguished Conduct Medal for his actions that day... the hockey puck, of course received no honors whatsoever...

After the war was over Corporal Alabaster went back home to Moose Jaw and made a fortune in the fertilizer business... the puck that saved his life (which bore a deep indentation from the incident) was thrown into a dresser drawer and forgotten about... eventually to be discarded as garbage during a housecleaning incident some years later.

Just another exploited and maligned hockey puck that ended up in the trash heap of history.

Remember, you can save a hockey puck from a life of torture and abuse by adopting one now.  A hockey puck's fate is in your hands.