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The Hockey Hall of Fame?
It's More Like The Hockey Hall of Shame!!!

Hockey Players

NAPAHP recently visited Toronto's Hockey Hall of Fame and found it to be nothing but a gigantic memorial to hockey puck abuse!

Hockey Hall of Fame





We were absolutely disgusted, amazed, and stupefied at what we found inside this building!

Stanley Cup



The Hockey Hall of Fame harbors the Stanley Cup and a whole slew of trophies that honor many aspects of hockey but we were shocked to find that they do not have one trophy to honor the lowly hockey puck!


Hockey DisplayThe Hall of Fame glorifies the great hockey puck abusers... err stars of the game - but yet it does not see fit to pay proper respect to the hockey puck.  

We found this to be unacceptable...   The game of hockey would never even have existed without the hockey puck - All the great moments in hockey would never have happened without the hockey puck.   But does the hockey puck ever get credit for any of this? OF COURSE NOT!!!

Hockey Display




At the Hall of Fame you'll find display cases that honor teams and players but you won't find any exhibits that pay homage to the hockey puck!

We went there expecting to see glory... instead all we found was another example of the humiliation and maltreatment that hockey pucks constantly endure.

Remember, you can save a hockey puck from a life of torture and abuse by adopting one now.  A hockey puck's fate is in your hands.