Stop Hockey Puck Abuse!

Here are the hockey pucks that we at NAPAHP have put up for adoption.  Each puck carries the message "Stop Hockey Puck Abuse" and has a Certificate of Adoption imprinted on the back.  You'll be doing these pucks a favor by taking them out of circulation before they get a chance to be abused and tortured.  And you'll be doing yourself a favor, because your puck will become your friend for life.   By the way, if you've never owned a hockey puck before, this is the perfect starter puck.
Place it on your mantle or desk... show it to your friends... Enjoy... Enjoy... Enjoy!


Each hockey puck comes in a plastic holder which consists of a crystal clear globe (in which the puck lives) sitting on a gold pedestal.



The Certificate of Adoption is imprinted on the back of the puck.

Hold Your Puck!

When you get your hockey puck, take it out of it's holder periodically and cradle it in your hands, stroke it, run your fingers over the puck, get a feel for your new friend.  Have a tactile experience with your hockey puck, you won't regret it.

Instruction Sheet

Each hockey puck comes complete with a set of instructions that tell you how to take care of your puck... Not that hockey pucks require much in the line of care and attention anyway - they don't eat much - They love to be held and fondled... you'll get the complete lowdown.

As a condition of adoption you must pledge never to cause harm or abuse to be inflicted upon your hockey puck... to look after, comfort, and take care of it - and to treat your hockey puck with the respect and dignity that it deserves.


We are pleased to announce that all of our hockey pucks have been adopted!
We do not currently have any hockey pucks available for adoption.
We'll let you know when some new pucks come in.  Please check back.

The National Association for the Prevention of Abuse to Hockey Pucks is the only officially sanctioned hockey puck adoption agency in the world.

Give a Hockey Puck a Home

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