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A Hockey Puck's Tale


Welcome weary traveler, you've had a long and tiresome journey - now you can rest.

From time to time, in this section we present the biographies of various hockey pucks from our refuge.  This time Bob is our featured hockey puck.  Bob came to us several months ago, game worn, banged up, battered and bruised from many years of maltreatment - and we gave him sanctuary.

At one time Bob actually played in the NHL. Yes, he was dropped into a Philadelphia Flyers - Toronto Maple Leaf game in 1994 at the Spectrum in Philadelphia.  He was banged around by the big leaguers for almost a half an hour before being deflected into the stands by an Eric Lindros slap shot that went awry.  Bob ended up in the hands of a fan and thought his agony was over... but not so!  The fan, Elwood McGovern of Brampton Ontario, who had followed his beloved Maple Leafs to Philadelphia, took Bob back home with him and gave his newfound souvenir to Murray, his 10 year old son. Murray and his young friends subsequently used Bob for daily hockey practice on the frozen pond behind the house.

Bob endured many years of torment and abuse on that pond and as a result, has a lot of issues to deal with. The constant banging and bashing that he experienced gives him incessant nightmares and regularily causes him to wake up screaming - covered in cold sweat.  Bob is currently seeing a hockey puck psychiatrist here at the refuge and so far the results are encouraging.

Unlike some pucks that have played in the NHL, Bob is not big headed or arrogant.  No, Bob is a humble puck, humble and proud - And he displays no animosity to those who have abused him although he still has flashbacks about the countless hours spent being battered around on that frozen pond. Bob is resolute and is gaining his self confidence back daily as he rests up here at our refuge.

And we give our best to Bob:

Yes, oh, proud warrior of the rink... at last you can get some peace.

Bob's story is typical of the kind of exploitation and torment that the average hockey puck goes through during their sorry lives. A hockey puck's life is not an easy one. Hockey pucks are usually banged, battered, bashed, bruised, abused... and then discarded.  It's not a pretty picture.

Remember, you can save a hockey puck from a life of torture and abuse by adopting one now.  A hockey puck's fate is in your hands.